The 7 Best Ways To Purchase Bitcoin With Skrill In 2022

Purchase Bitcoin With Skrill

Skrill is an international payment service that enables consumers to send money internationally at minimal cost and with immediate deposit. Skrill is becoming more well-known among Bitcoin investors, much like online wallets like Neteller and PayPal. Skrill is one of the simplest ways to purchase Bitcoin through cryptocurrency exchanges and peer-to-peer (P2P) marketplaces. It is accessible in more than 200 countries and supports more than 40 fiat currencies. While users can purchase Bitcoin straight into their Skrill accounts, they can also link the payment app to cryptocurrency exchanges, which offer a wide range of advantages and services.

This article describes how to acquire Bitcoin using Skrill and lists which cryptocurrency exchanges presently permit Skrill purchases of Bitcoin.

Does Skrill Support Bitcoin Purchases?

The main cryptocurrency exchanges and platforms are increasingly accepting deposits in fiat money and the purchase of Bitcoin through online wallets like Skrill. Skrill commissions are often cheap and deposits are typically made instantly. Users can search for Bitcoin on the exchange and begin trading once the money appear in their bitcoin wallet. For instance, eToro offers Skrill as a form of payment when depositing fiat money to purchase a number of cryptocurrencies. Users don’t pay funding fees, and deposits are quick.

Quick Guide For Buying Bitcoin With Skrill

To buy bitcoin with Skrill, adhere to following five steps:

1. Create a Skrill account first. Through the official Skrill website, creating an account is simple and cost-free. In order to access all of Skrill’s features and increase their transaction limit, users must verify their accounts after completing the registration process.

2. Open a profile on a cryptocurrency site. Look for bitcoin trading platforms, exchanges, and P2P marketplaces that accept Skrill as a funding source. One of the greatest services that accept free Skrill deposits is eToro account opening.

3. Finish ID validation. Users must authenticate their identities in order to utilise a cryptocurrency exchange as part of the Know Your Customer (KYC) process, which is required. Uploading a government ID and an address proof is a common part of the verification process.

4. Make a deposit via Skrill. Users can begin funding their accounts after successful verification. Select Skrill as the payment option, then enter the desired amount in fiat currency.

5. Get a Bitcoin. Search for Bitcoin among the supported digital assets on your exchange. Enter your desired Bitcoin purchase amount, check the transaction, and then confirm your purchase.

How to Purchase Bitcoin Using Skrill

The Best for Zero Skrill Deposit Fees Is eToro

The United States, Australia, and the United Kingdom are just a few of the 140 countries where 24+ million customers trust the multi-asset platform eToro. Over 2,000 different financial assets, such as cryptocurrencies, equities, indices, and commodities, are available to traders and investors. Users can trade these assets without paying any commissions or other additional fees. Users of eToro also acquire ownership rights to the underlying asset they purchase, such as Bitcoin.

The largest social trading platform in the world, eToro connects millions of traders and investors. Users can imitate the trades of more seasoned and professional traders using the CopyTrader function. Additionally, there are Smart Portfolios, a tool that organises various assets or people according to a particular investment approach.

A few different payment options, including Skrill, make it quick and easy to fund an eToro account. Users’ eToro accounts must be confirmed in order to purchase Bitcoin using Skrill on the platform. Users can only access the deposit option after verification.

By selecting “Deposit,” you can get a menu of drop-down options for funding an eToro account. Choose Skrill from the list, and eToro will safely reroute you there to finish the transaction. Skrill deposits are quick, and money appears on eToro right away. From the list of crypto assets on eToro, users may now search for BTC. To purchase Bitcoin, you have two options:

• Trade. This enables a user to set aside money to purchase Bitcoin at the going rate on the market.

• Order. This gives users the option to select the precise price at which they want to purchase Bitcoin. When Bitcoin reaches the desired price, eToro puts the order into action.

Each area has a different minimum first deposit amount needed to purchase bitcoin on eToro. In the United States and the United Kingdom, users can begin with just $10. The initial deposit must be a minimum of $50 in Australia. The minimal initial deposit in other nations that qualify could range from $50 to $10,000. Skrill deposits that do not match the name on the eToro account are not accepted by the exchange.

Users must pay a conversion fee when making deposits or withdrawals in any other currency because eToro predominantly uses USD as its base currency. A regular $5 fee applies to each withdrawal request.

2. Best for Low Transaction Fees is Binance

Since it records the highest trading volume for crypto assets, including altcoins, stablecoins, and DeFi tokens, Binance is regarded as the biggest cryptocurrency trading platform. Users can exchange Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for their preferred currencies using Binance, which also functions as a conventional cryptocurrency exchange and P2P marketplace. An automated engine is used by the Binance cryptocurrency exchange to complete buy and sell transactions. Utilizing any of the 300+ accepted payment methods, including Skrill, users can transact in cryptocurrency directly with one another using the best P2P platform.

Users will need to enter the Binance P2P marketplace to set up a trade in order to purchase Bitcoin with Skrill. The deal can be predetermined with a desired cost, quantity, and mode of payment. When using Skrill as a payment mechanism, a user must make sure the counterparty they are transacting with accepts Skrill. To learn more about the seller’s terms and conditions, users can then start a live chat with them.

A user’s money are temporarily transferred into the Binance P2P escrow service when they start a transaction, and they remain there until they confirm that BTC has been deposited to their wallet. There are no fees for P2P exchanges of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Online wallet transfers made through Skrill are immediate, however P2P transactions might take anywhere between 20 minutes and three business days. The P2P platform Binance doesn’t gather data on buyers and sellers.

Since all cryptocurrency is transmitted straight to the user’s Binance account, users don’t need to move their Bitcoin between separate wallets when using Binance P2P. From there, one can utilise their cryptocurrency for a variety of things, including trading on the Binance margin, spot, options, and futures platforms as well as for crypto-financial services like staking.

3. Best for Security: CEX.IO

Over 4 million users of the cryptocurrency exchange CEX.IO can access an ecosystem of goods and services to learn more about the decentralised crypto asset market. Each digital asset that is listed on the site has undergone thorough verification. Its ability to integrate different payment methods and collaborate with reputable banks and payment providers is made possible by CEX.IO’s strict adherence to international standards.

High liquidity markets are promised to users of the CEX.IO exchange. Even when large trades are involved, the platform’s liquid order books facilitate fast order execution. The platform is able to maintain high-quality markets with appropriate liquidity levels thanks to the millions of active Bitcoin and cryptocurrency traders.

The choices for trading bitcoins are countless. More than 200 cryptocurrency markets, including BTC/USD, ETH/GBP, ADA/USDT, DASH/EUR, and others, are supported for trading on CEX.IO. Debit/credit cards, wire transfers, and electronic wallets like Epay, Advcash, and Skrill are just a few of the many payment methods available.

Users must have at least identity level verification in order to access Skrill transfers. Additionally, users must make sure their accounts on Skrill and CEX.IO are linked to the same email address. Skrill transfers in USD, EUR, GBP, and RUB are currently supported by the exchange. Users can access the “Deposit” button on their mobile app or the “Finance” page on the website to make a deposit using their Skrill wallet. Pick one of the aforementioned currencies, type in a dollar amount, choose Skrill as your method of payment, and select your nation. The email address to send the funds to and the reference/order number must be entered in order to complete the transfer.

To access the Skrill wallet, log in to Skrill using a browser or mobile app. Select the Skrill to Skrill option, then type the recipient’s email address and the transfer amount. Click “Add a message” and input the order number as a remark to enter the reference number. The money ought to appear in the CEX.IO account that day. The processing of transfers without a reference number is to be noted. Skrill has a daily minimum deposit limit of $35 and a daily maximum deposit limit of $10,000. Skrill charges a 3.99% commission on all deposits.

Paybis Offers the Highest Limits

Paybis is a cryptocurrency exchange that provides access to more than 30 crypto coins and 47 fiat currencies. The platform is compatible with U.K., EU, and U.S. regulations, and its yearly volume exceeds $500,000,000. Paybis has the greatest deposit and withdrawal limits available. Bitcoin purchases can cost up to $200,000 per transaction.

Users who are interested in purchasing Bitcoin can use the Paybis Bitcoin calculator to estimate how much they will need to pay to acquire a given quantity of Bitcoin. Enter the quantity of Bitcoin you wish to purchase to obtain a pricing estimate in your local currency. It also works in reverse; enter the amount you wish to spend and see how much BTC you will receive. Users can view the Paybis fee structure, which consists of a payment processing cost, an exchange fee, and a transaction fee paid to Bitcoin miners. Numerous payment options are available to traders seeking to acquire Bitcoin, including debit/credit cards, bank transfers, Neteller, and Skrill.

Before buying Bitcoin, first-time crypto traders are encouraged to create a BTC wallet. The four wallet choices available to users are hardware wallets, desktop wallets, web wallets, and paper wallets. Paybis suggests that users set up a desktop wallet for its sole access point for security purposes. After setting up a wallet, customers can buy Bitcoin with Skrill by following these steps.

Commence a transaction. Go to ‘You spend’ and input the desired spending amount. Under ‘You receive’, the equivalent Bitcoin amount will be indicated. To create a new transaction, click on “Buy Bitcoin.”

2. Submit to KYC verification. Traders who use Skrill for the first time on Paybis must validate their accounts. Name, date of birth, location, and address must be provided. Submit a government-issued ID and allow Paybis to review the details. In some instances, individuals may be required to submit a second selfie while carrying their government-issued ID. The verification process should not exceed five minutes.

Deposit using Skrill. Paybis will link you to Skrill’s secure payment page upon receiving a Bitcoin wallet address. Sign in to your Skrill account to verify the payment.

Invest in Bitcoin. Once the payment has been finalised, Bitcoins are deposited into the wallet that was previously specified. This takes fewer than five minutes unless a manual payment review is required.

5. Paxful — Leading P2P Marketplace

Paxful is a P2P marketplace that connects traders with over 3 million other merchants globally with whom they may immediately buy and sell Bitcoin. Paxful offers more than 350 payment methods, including debit/credit cards, cash, bank transfers, prepaid cards, Apple Pay, and online wallets such as Neteller and Skrill. Additionally, the platform has no costs for cryptocurrency purchasers. Users must register an account and pass the KYC verification in order to purchase Bitcoin using Skrill. Immediately following enrollment, users receive a free Bitcoin wallet. Moreover, users must locate merchants who use Skrill as a payment method.

Users can click “Buy Bitcoin” from their account and pick “Skrill” as the payment option. The Paxful marketplace will display a large number of offers from numerous sellers. To locate the greatest offer, visitors must browse through profiles with several favourable ratings. When you click the seller’s name, their trading history and testimonials will be displayed. Additional things to watch out for include:

• Price. Displayed as a percentage with an arrow, the price indicates how much it will cost to purchase Bitcoin relative to the current market price. The USD value next to the price may also help a user determine how much BTC they are receiving per dollar.

• Offer limitations. This range indicates how much a seller is willing to sell for. The expenditure must fall within this range.

• Seller availability. Ensure that your desired vendor is active and accessible prior to initiating a transaction.

• Badges. Check vendor offers for ‘Features’ or ‘Trusted’ badges. Additionally, users can filter deals to display ‘Only Paxful Verified Offers’

Users who cannot discover a suitable item can build their own offers to entice sellers and conduct transactions on their own terms. Visit the homepage and select “Create an Offer” to create an offer. Initialize your settings, including your preferred cryptocurrency and payment method. The offer trade limitations, offer margin, offer time limit, trade instructions, and more may be customised by the user.

To view a vendor’s trading conditions, click “Buy.” The majority of merchants demand users to authenticate their identity by submitting a photo of themselves with a genuine government-issued identification card. Skrill accounts must also be validated for Bitcoin buyers. In certain instances, a screenshot of the account balance may be required. Accept the terms and initiate the transaction by clicking “Accept Terms and Buy Bitcoin Now.” Paxful transfers the seller’s Bitcoin to an escrow account, where they are held until a transaction is completed. Users can conduct a live chat with the vendor to determine if there are any additional conditions they must meet.

Bitcoin purchase transactions must be finalised within a predetermined duration; else, the transaction could expire. The Bitcoin is freed from the escrow and sent to the seller’s wallet once the seller verifies receipt of payment. Trading off the escrow service is against Paxful’s terms of service and removes the platform’s promise of security. Users should report merchants who attempt to circumvent escrow.

6. EXMO – Best for Instant Transfers

EXMO, founded in 2013, is one of the market’s major cryptocurrency exchanges, handling up to $1.5 billion every month. The platform is compatible with hundreds of cryptocurrencies and forty fiat currencies, including USD, EUR, UAH, PLN, RUB, and TRY. Users can deposit and withdraw using local payment options for each of the fiat currencies.

Before executing a transaction on the exchange, users must complete a short KYC procedure. KYC requirements include a legitimate government-issued ID, proof of address, and a selfie with the ID card. After a user’s account has passed all verifications, they can make their initial deposit.

For instant deposits, EXMO includes Rapid Transfer. This is a mechanism for making instantaneous internet payments directly from a bank account. To fund their EXMO account, users simply only log in to their bank account through the Rapid Transfer system and execute an instant transfer. The Rapid Transfer system collaborates with numerous banks. Among other European nations, EXMO users with bank accounts in Austria, England, Finland, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, and Spain can utilise this system to finance their exchange accounts.

Rapid Transfer is an essential component of the Skrill payment system for purchasing Bitcoin. Through the Skrill/EXMO connection, users can enjoy a variety of benefits, such as instant fund transfers, different Skrill wallet deposit options, cheap fees, and instant credits from their bank accounts without leaving the EXMO system. No user data is stored during Skrill Rapid Transfer transactions. The user’s bank likewise employs end-to-end encryption to safeguard payment data.

To use Skrill Rapid Transfer, log in to your EXMO account and navigate to the “Finance” page. Select the deposit currency, click ‘Deposit,’ and then select Skrill Rapid Transfer. The commission rate charged by EXMO for crypto-to-crypto trades is 0.1%. There are no account administration or inactivity fees on the exchange.

7. Bitpanda – Best for European Users

Bitpanda is a cryptocurrency exchange established in Austria that primarily services the European economic region. Bitpanda’s user-friendly, trade-everything platform enables users to purchase, sell, or swap more than 100 digital assets, including cryptocurrencies, crypto indices, equities, ETFs, and precious metals.

Users can register for a Bitpanda account using the website or the Android and iOS mobile applications. Bitpanda utilised a PSD2 payment service to ensure a high level of security. Additionally, the platform employs cutting-edge servers, secure offline wallets, and robust API applications.

Bitpanda offers a low-cost platform to purchase and sell Bitcoin instantaneously, with premiums of 1.49 percent (buy and sale). The site supports a variety of deposit and withdrawal methods, including bank transfer (SEPA), credit cards, Neteller, and Skrill. Before conducting transactions, Bitpanda users must authenticate their accounts in accordance with the AML5 rule. Verified accounts get access to all of Bitpanda’s transaction limits and payment options. Bitpanda accepts Skrill deposits in United States dollar (USD), Euro, British pound, and Swiss franc (CHF).

The daily and monthly limits for Skrill deposits are 10,000 EUR and 300,000 EUR, respectively. The maximum amount that can be deposited into a Bitpanda account using Skrill is EUR 10,000,000. The minimum amount that can be deposited into a Bitpanda wallet is 25 euros. For security purposes, Bitpanda saves all deposits in a cold wallet. The minimum purchase, sale, or exchange amount for cryptocurrencies is 1 EUR. All purchases and sales of cryptocurrencies are processed in real-time.

Benefits of Purchasing Bitcoin using Skrill

Using Skrill to purchase Bitcoin offers several advantages over alternative payment methods. Several of these advantages include:

• Speedy deposits and withdrawals: Many customers favour Buying Bitcoin with Skrill due to the fact that the payment option enables quick deposits and withdrawals. On the majority of exchanges, Skrill deposits are immediately reflected in a fiat wallet. Likewise, linking a Skrill e-wallet to an exchange account is a breeze. Simply navigate to the deposit page and select Skrill from the list of acceptable payment methods. Compared to methods such as bank transfers, Skrill withdrawals are also quick. Typically, Skrill deposits are free of charge.

• High security: Traders who use Skrill to purchase Bitcoin are assured of the highest level of security for their personal information, funds, and transaction history. Account holders with Skrill must authenticate their accounts. To safeguard account balances and user information, all transactions are performed using sophisticated security measures.

• Numerous nations and currencies. As a global payment provider, Skrill is accessible in over 200 countries. Additionally, users can hold balances in over 40 fiat currencies. Users can fund their exchange accounts with any of the recognised fiat currencies. In instances where a particular fiat currency is not available, Skrill allows users to convert between fiat currencies for quicker cryptocurrency purchases.

• Low costs. Using Skrill to purchase Bitcoin on the majority of crypto exchanges is incredibly inexpensive. On services such as eToro, customers can make free Skrill deposits.

Negatives of Purchasing Bitcoin using Skrill

Consider the following disadvantages prior to utilising Skrill to buy Bitcoin:

• Not supported on all trading platforms: Although Skrill is a global payment service, most cryptocurrency exchanges do not accept it as a funding option. You will need to narrow down your options from the exchanges we’ve discussed previously.

• Conversion fees: Users who fund their crypto exchange accounts with a fiat currency that is not supported will suffer conversion fees when depositing in a supported fiat currency.

Can Bitcoin Be Purchased Directly Using Skrill?

Skrill enables users to easily change 40 fiat currencies into Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin, among others. Verified Skrill customers have access to more than one hundred payment methods for funding their cryptocurrency transactions. Over $100, buyers of cryptocurrencies will suffer a fee of 1.50% each transaction. Skrill Crypto P2P is also available for a transaction charge of 0.50%.

eToro Tutorial On How To Buy Bitcoin Using Skrill

Step 1: Register for a Skrill Account

Register for free with Skrill on its official website. Enter your first and last name, country, and currency preference. You must provide an email address and create a password to access your account.

Step 2- Create an eToro account in

Visit the eToro website to open an account with one of the exchanges that accept Skrill deposits free of charge. In addition to providing your email address, choose a username and password. These credentials are necessary to access your account.

Step 3 – Verify The Statement

eToro requires all users to authenticate their identities in compliance with Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing (CTF) rules. eToro also conducts obligatory KYC checks in order to grant customers access to all account functions. Users begin by authenticating their trading account’s associated phone number. The user must then upload proof of identification and proof of address.

A user’s name, date of birth, date of issuance, and a clear photograph should be included on their proof of identification certificate. These documents may include a driver’s licence, passport, and other kinds of valid identification. Bank statements and utility bills from no more than three months ago are acceptable as proof of residence.

Step- 4: Make a Deposit

Click ‘Deposit Funds’ on the eToro account to examine the different funding choices. Select Skrill from the drop-down option, input the minimum deposit amount ($50), and select AUD, USD, GBP, or EUR as the fiat currency. Enter your Skrill email address, and eToro will redirect you to your Skrill wallet in a secure manner. Sign in to your Skrill account to finish the transaction. Users who do not deposit in one of the fiat currencies listed above will be charged a conversion fee for the deposit transaction. The funds will reflect promptly in an eToro account.

Step 5 – Purchase Bitcoin Type “BTC” into the search bar or click “Discover” to select Bitcoin from the available crypto-assets on eToro. When you click “Trade,” a panel will open. Enter the dollar amount you wish to spend or the number of BTC you wish to purchase. Users will see the proportion of their equity that has been utilised. The trade panel offers two ways to acquire satoshis. Select ‘Trade’ to purchase BTC instantaneously, or ‘Order’ to select the purchase price.


Can I instantly purchase Bitcoin with Skrill?

Yes, Skrill deposits are instant for the majority of cryptocurrency exchanges. After entering the dollar amount to deposit and selecting the currency, the fiat wallet is immediately credited after verifying the transaction.

Can I Keep Cryptocurrencies On My Skrill Account?

Skrill is one of the payment processors that enable customers to purchase and sell Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies directly from their e-wallets.


Skrill is a payment solution that enables quick deposits for Bitcoin purchases on approved exchanges. It is swift, safe, economical, and accessible in several nations. Additionally, users can diversify their assets by holding cryptocurrency in their Skrill e-wallet. It is crucial to note, however, that Skrill is currently offered on a limited number of exchangers.

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