19 Best Crypto Exchange & Bitcoin Trading Platforms in 2022

Bitcoin Trading Platforms

Top 19 Cryptocurrency Exchanges for

1. Support

Uphold, founded in 2015, is a global multi-asset trading platform with more than four million users. The exchange facilitates cross-asset trading and provides lucrative wagering incentives. Additionally, the app allows users to schedule transactions to combat volatility.

• No fees for trades, deposits, or withdrawals

• Extensive cryptocurrency options

• Electronic transactions

2. eToro

eToro is a trading platform with over 15 million users that is fully regulated. It includes a mobile cryptocurrency wallet for trading and transferring funds, as well as a fee-free portfolio of the most popular cryptocurrencies for long-term investment.

• Multiple-award-winning social and copy trading (15+ million users)

• Best For Beginners: Try Virtual $100K

• Available are 16 Cryptocurrencies and 94 Crypto Crosses

3. The Coinbase

Coinbase is the foremost cryptocurrency exchange in the United States. In addition to the high trading volume, they allow you to track your currencies in a single location, where they are insured and stored in a digital vault.

• Volume traded exceeding $320B, 100+ countries, 35M users

• Multiple Payment Options and Transparent Charges

• Secure, Insured, Fast, and Beginner Friendly

4. Coinmama

Coinmama is a global, quick, and user-friendly service that allows you to purchase currencies 30 minutes after registering. They are the first on the market to offer direct debit and credit card purchases of bitcoin.

• Direct marketer with high spending restrictions

• Rapid Authentication and Coin Delivery

• More than 188 countries, with 2.5M Customers

5. Binance

Binance is one of the leading exchanges, with more than 500 coins listed and a native token that is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies. In addition to basic and advanced trading, Binance provides futures and margin trading.

• Accepts more than 500 coins

Binance.us For US Clients

• SEPA & Bank Transfers

6. CEX.io

CEX.io is one of the most established bitcoin exchanges available. It is fully registered and regulated. Its trading platform provides all of the fundamental trading functions, has enough liquidity, permits trading from several devices, and offers advanced reporting.

• 3M+ registered users

• 99 percent of nations endorsed

• Selection of API solutions

7. Kraken

Kraken is an exchange established in the United States that provides trading in U.S. dollars, Canadian dollars, Euros, British pounds, and Japanese yen. They take extra attention to their security with a track record of 0 breaches. Additionally, Kraken features a comprehensive list of crypto assets, including over 70 of them.

• Low costs

• 6 different fiat currencies

• 100+ cryptocurrencies

8. Gemini

Gemini is a legal cryptocurrency exchange that ranks among the top 20 in terms of trading volume. They provide two trading platforms, one for novices and the other for advanced traders, with no deposit or withdrawal fees.

• Friendly user interface

• 30 withdrawals per month are free

• Support for over 20 currencies

9. Paxful

Paxful is a registered peer-to-peer bitcoin financing platform with FINCEN. It enables you to purchase and sell bitcoin directly with other users. Using two-factor authentication and an escrow service, its clients are guaranteed a secure trading environment.

• 300+ payment methods

• 3M+ registered users

• Free blockchain wallet

10. Changelly

Changelly is a quick, non-custodial cryptocurrency exchange that does not require a great deal of personal data. It provides quick transactions within 5 to 30 minutes, a multi-currency wallet, and 50+ marketplaces with competitive trading costs. They also offer live chat help around the clock.

• 150+ cryptocurrencies

• 2M+ registered users

• 0.5% exchange fees

11. YoBit

It is difficult to discover a platform with more possible trading pairings than YoBit while searching for the best cryptocurrency exchange. YoBit is available in English, Russian, and Chinese due to the fact that it is an international platform.

• Multi-language support

• The most trading pairs in active trading

• Volume daily of 8211 BTC

12. Bitpanda

Bitpanda is the premier Bitcoin exchange in the Eurozone. Due to its location in Vienna, Austria, the company is aware of all EU rules regulating cryptocurrencies.

• Coupon codes redeemable for cash with Bitpanda To Go

• Bitpanda savings plan

• Bitpanda swap

13. LonghornFX

LonghornFX, one of the newest platforms in the business, emphasises transparency, openness, and innovation as its strongest characteristics. This is why many consider this organisation to be one of the top bitcoin exchange brokers, despite its 2020 founding.

• Bitcoin deposits and withdrawals are free of charge

• Possibility of 500:1 leverage

• 150 transferable assets

14. Mercatox

Mercatox is a novel and revolutionary cryptocurrency exchange that is attracting more and more notice as time passes. Among the greatest benefits of utilising Mercatox is its user-friendly loyalty and affiliate programme, which allows users to leverage their social networks.

• Supports over 100 digital currencies

• PayPal payment

• Provides aid to a number of nations

15. Plus500

Plus500 may appeal to users primarily interested in CFDs on bitcoin day trading. In addition to supporting several geographies, this platform offers incredibly affordable pricing and an extensive list of available features. Caution: 76.4 percent of retail CFD accounts lose money.

• Included in the FTSE 250 Index

• Over 2000 financial CFD instruments

• Among the most reliable platforms

16. Wirex

Wirex is an exceptional Bitcoin wallet that provides its users with a great deal of freedom over how and where to spend their cryptocurrencies. Instead of considering cryptocurrencies as assets, this crypto trading approach gives consumers with far greater liquidity.

• The card is a VISA.

• 50+ digital currencies

• Available in more than 130 nations

17. The composer Beethoven

Numerous customers rate Bithoven as one of the greatest centralised cryptocurrency exchanges available. It is a platform with a MetaTrader 5 market, support for more than 500 cryptocurrencies, and a decent leverage trading option.

• MetaTrader 5 market

• More than 500 digital currencies exist

• Maximum 1:20 leverage

18. YouHodler

YouHodler is one of the most distinctive websites for cryptocurrency investment since it allows users to earn interest on deposited coins. The platform lends the funds to customers seeking crypto loans, thereby boosting investor interest. YouHodler is a platform that unifies all payment options and acts as a crypto-fiat financial service.

• Possibility of utilising cryptocurrency as collateral

• Multiple fiat payment methods available

Blockchain-based savings account (with high yield)

19.The website Crypto.com

Crypto.com is one of the top platforms on the market since it offers both centralised and decentralised services via its exchange and DeFi wallet.

• Low Costs

FDIC-insured currency balances

• 150+ cryptocurrencies and 10M+ people registered

Detailed Evaluations


• Over 200 cryptos are in use

• Trading fee is 0% but 0.8%-1.2% spread is charged

• Accepts fiat: Yes

• Wallet app: Yes

Uphold, a multi-asset trading platform founded in 2015, combines the characteristics of a cryptocurrency exchange, an online brokerage, and an FX trading app. Perhaps this is the reason why it has acquired popularity. Four million people in over 184 countries using the platform.

How it operates

Uphold’s intuitive software makes bitcoin trading seamless. To begin, you must create an account, enter your account information, and activate Two-Factor Authentication (2-FA).

Uphold provides exceptional trading features that enable the trading of any asset. This contains more than 200 cryptocurrencies, sixty U.S. equities (including fractional shares), four precious metals, and more than thirty-seven national currencies.

Things we liked and disliked

We appreciated the cross-asset trading functionality the most. Unique is the possibility of purchasing asset x with fiat currency, like as Bitcoin, and selling it for asset y, such as gold or silver.

The lack of trading, deposit, and withdrawal fees is also a significant bonus.

Positives aside, we think the fluctuating spread rate is not ideal and can be pricey for users.


Uphold conforms to industry-standard security measures. The company adheres to Know Your Customer (KYC) rules and stores user cash in cold storage.

Besides this, the business advises users to set up 2FA. Uphold additionally implements multilayer defences, and its systems are also inspected routinely by professionals to ensure safety.

All third-party providers are also expected to complete due diligence assessments. The business reiterates that special attention is devoted to integrations including sensitive data.


Uphold charges 0% trading fees, 0% deposit, and 0% withdrawal costs.

The sole fee the platform charges is a spread which fluctuates based on the asset. The rate fluctuates between 0.8% and 1.2% for cryptocurrencies.

Precious metals attract a spread of 3%. The rate is pegged at 0.2% for major fiat currencies and 1% for US equities.


• No fees for trades, deposits, or withdrawals

• Cross-asset trading

• Staking rewards

• Wide range of cryptocurrencies


• Varying spread fees

• Equity trading is not available for US and European customers

Our Verdict

In bitcoin trading, nothing beats the basics, and Uphold does them right. Zero trading fees and excellent security structures make the exchange a tempting offer. But what sets the platform apart is its unique features. Very few competitors offer the same amount of adaptability.

Reasons to Use

Options. Uphold has more options to help you utilise your digital assets than most of its counterparts.


• Number of cryptocurrencies: 17

• Trading fee: 0.75%-5%

• Accepts fiat: Yes

• Wallet app: Yes

The technological part of eToro is fairly convenient and intuitive. This draws an unbelievable amount of customers, which converts it into one of the largest crypto exchanges on the market. Moreover, eToro is an extraordinarily adaptable platform with 17 crypto assets to assist in one’s portfolio diversification.

How it Works

eToro is one of the top bitcoin trading sites since it gives its users with a $100,000 demo account for free. This means that the first-time user has the advantage of getting acquainted to the way this platform works before actually devoting major resources to it.

Things We Liked and Disliked

When it comes to eToro advantages, the greatest one worth mentioning is the fact that this rapid crypto exchange includes a huge selection of assets. Other than this, it’s also worth emphasising that eToro is fairly straightforward to utilise even for newbies to this business.

The negative of eToro is that it has relatively high trading costs compared to its competition. Also, with eToro, you can’t access the actual assets, seeing as how it has a custodial app. This is handled by going to the eToroX trading platform.


When it comes to safety and security, eToro is amongst the most trusted bitcoin exchange sites. All the funds are housed in tier-1 banks, and the personal information is safeguarded by SSL encryption, which is something that anyone can check on their browser.


When it comes to fees, the only fee that pertains to crypto trading is the spread, and it runs from 0.75% to 5%, depending on the coin. Of course, there’s also the $5 withdrawal fee, but you don’t have to pay it until you actually decide to make the transaction. Opening the account is free of charge, there’s 0% commission on stocks, and there are no management costs. Also, there are no rollover fees or ticket fees.


• Multi-asset platform

• 0% commission on stocks

• Free insurance

• Crypto portfolio feature


• Limited coin support for wallet

Our Verdict

eToro is a straightforward and reliable platform for beginners to get started with bitcoin trading.


• Number of cryptocurrencies: 30

• Trading fee: 1.49-3.99%

• Accepts fiat: Yes

• Wallet app: Yes

Coinbase is nearly synonymous with crypto trading. This California-based corporation has been in business for quite a long, thereby creating a vast portfolio of supported currencies and payment methods. More than 13 million users can’t be wrong, after all.

How it Works

Coinbase is one of the numerous crypto exchanges that provides its own wallet if you wish to keep your cryptos first and convert them afterwards. This gives a significant level of ease, although for security reasons it’s not suggested to store all your crypto on an exchange.

To become one of the greatest crypto exchanges, a site also needs to buy and sell currencies in volume, of course. Coinbase is among the top Bitcoin trading platform options since it supports dozens of currencies, and also may be utilised as a market analytics tool. Its cryptocurrency list features hundreds of popular altcoins with real-time updates. Even while you won’t be able to acquire them all through this site, it’s a great tool for gauging the present market.

Things We Liked & Disliked

Aside from the faster trading process, one of the primary upsides of Coinbase is that it supports fiat currencies. In reality, it’s the best fiat-to-crypto exchange, with quick transactions and support for numerous currencies like USD, EUR, and GBP. You can use credit/debit cards, bank transfer, SEPA, and PayPal to get started on this coin exchange.

Looking to deal largely in Bitcoin? There’s the Shift card, a Visa-branded card that lets you to spend Bitcoin from your Coinbase wallet on regular purchases.

Even while this exchange lists hundreds of coins, it doesn’t always let your trade with them. At the time of writing, Dogecoin was unavailable for both purchase and selling. This is very shocking, really, considering how popular this “joke coin” is.


It’s worth noting that this service is one of the uncommon centralised US crypto exchanges. While that implies you can’t trade anonymously, it provides higher safety safeguards in case there’s a hacking assault. Just 1% of all coins are retained in the wallet system and all of the assets are protected, so there’s nearly zero danger while trading here.


Coinbase offers a pretty transparent fee system. Although the rates here aren’t the lowest around, its exchange fees are fixed and the site is quite transparent about what is charged and how much.

For transactions under $200, the cost is 3.99%. Coinbase fees drop to 1.49% if you exchange more than $200. Mind mind, this is levied every transaction and some payment options incur greater fees.


• Many payment options supported

• Rewards for users

• High security

• Transparent fees


• Not all cryptos are available for trading

Our Verdict

Coinbase is one of the biggest and greatest crypto exchanges in the world – since it’s one of the most trustworthy. Although not decentralised, it nonetheless offers highly safe trading and even compensates its users with free crypto currencies simply for reading articles. Instant trading is just the cherry on top.

Reasons to Use

Large number of support currencies, quick payments, and prizes are the major reasons to sign up for this service.


• Number of cryptocurrencies: 10

• Trading fee: 5.5%

• Accepts fiat: Yes

• Wallet app: No

Trading cryptocurrencies is frequently thought to be a complex undertaking. For a lot of folks, merely buying crypto looks like black magic. If you too don’t know how to acquire cryptocurrency but want to enter this exciting world, we highly suggest signing up with Coinmama, one of the best crypto exchange services out now.

How it Works

Coinmama reduces the Bitcoin trading process down to just a few straightforward steps everyone can follow. You just need to register for an account, validate it, and specify a wallet to which the bitcoin will be transmitted once acquired. This site acts as a broker, making it a direct buyer and seller instead of acting as a middle man between two users.

The user experience is clearly the centrepiece of this renowned crypto exchange. On the home page you’ll discover an useful currency converter, allowing you to quickly glance up current rates before conducting an exchange. If any feature gives you problems, there are a number of answers available in the Help area. You can also turn to the site’s blog pages and courteous customer service personnel.

Things We Liked & Disliked

Coinmama imposes some limits on what and how much you can trade. For example, the site sells various cryptos but would only buy Bitcoin from users. Also, the minimum quantity for each crypto buy is $50, while when selling you need to sell at least $200 worth of Bitcoin.

While it is the finest site to acquire cryptocurrencies, experience-wise, Coinmama isn’t the most cheap place. We’ll talk about fees later in our assessment.


Coinmama is registered with the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FINCEN), an institution that handles investigations on fraudulent activities. You may, then, trade cryptocurrencies at ease knowing that, if anything goes bad, your money will be protected by law enforcement.


Finally, let’s talk about fees. This is the only genuine drawback to Coinmama. There is a flat 5% on every transaction utilising a credit or debit card, but that’s not all. An average 5.5% is incurred on top of that for every bitcoin transaction. It might be one of the greatest exchanges to buy Bitcoin, but it’s not the most economical one.


• Very easy to use

• Near-instant processing

• Direct seller

• Great client support


• High fees

• Only buys Bitcoin

Our Verdict

While Coinmama charges quite a lot to its users, that money definitely doesn’t go to waste. This is a wonderful platform for both buying and trading crypto, as well as learning all about blockchain technology and the benefits of a decentralised currency. For a newbie trader, there’s no better place than this platform.

Reasons to Use

A streamlined purchasing and selling process makes this a tempting market for new crypto consumers.


• Over 100 cryptocurrencies exist

• Trading fee: up to 0.1%

• Accepts fiat: Yes

• Wallet app: Yes

Looking for the best cryptocurrency exchange where you can get started without a credit card? Are you an experienced crypto user wishing to invest in more currencies? You need look no further. Binance is a huge Bitcoin exchange established in Japan where you may speculate with over a hundred famous cryptocurrencies.

How It Operates

Binance, which was created in China via an ICO (initial coin offering) and formerly had a vast portfolio, rose to prominence rapidly. Consequently, many consider it the largest Bitcoin broker.

This is a cryptocurrency exchange for advanced users, and we don’t say that lightly. Binance can be really daunting. Previously, users could only trade crypto-to-crypto, preventing them from entering the market via this website.

Binance also offers a mobile application, and its API is freely available for integration into other platforms. You can also obtain a crypto-backed loan and join a mining pool. Again, this is only for professionals.

Things We Liked & Disliked

Binance is the ideal site to trade cryptocurrencies due to its minimal costs and, as noted previously, extensive list of supported currencies. There are no higher limits, and the minimum transaction amount is $15. This website allows you to invest in coins such as Ether and Litecoin in addition to trading. On this website, analytics enthusiasts can spend hours perusing the various charts and graphs.

However, it is evident that this is not the first website you would visit if you are new to the crypto realm. It is believed that you are familiar with the busy cryptoverse, and the available customer service might be much improved.


This is likely the most secure cryptocurrency exchange we’ve ever used. Not only can you immediately add two-factor authentication (2FA) to your account, but the company employs an industry-standard security protocol known as Crypto Currency Security Standard. This is a completely secure location to buy or trade cryptocurrencies.


Why is Binance one of the most popular Bitcoin trading platforms? The fees are really minimal. The site charges a 0.1% fee on every trade and accepts deposits for free. Withdrawals involve a modest fee based on the current value of your coins, and extra verification is necessary for purchases of more than 2 BTC.


• Large portfolio

• Very low charges

• API and more tools accessible

• Multifactor authentication


• Not beginner-friendly

Our Verdict

With the greatest mobile cryptocurrency exchange app and some of the lowest costs in the business, Binance continues to dominate the market for another year. This is a large platform that allows cryptocurrency users to not only trade coins, but also speculate on them and boost their savings. It is not for the faint of heart, but learning the ropes is worthwhile.

Justifications for Use

Want a large portfolio and have extensive trading experience? Register with Binance.


• There are 30 cryptocurrencies.

• Transaction fees of up to 0.25 percent

• Accepts fiat: Yes

• Wallet app: Yes

When searching for the finest cryptocurrency trading site, one name kept resurfacing. CEX.io is a well-known website for its portfolio and inexpensive fees. Since 2013, this British-based cryptocurrency trading website has been functioning. It evolved from the first ever mining service provider and now offers more than just trading.

How It Operates

This is yet another platform that significantly simplifies the Bitcoin trading process without compromising the advanced features that experienced traders appreciate. In addition to Bitcoin, the website supports dozens of altcoins and numerous major fiats. You’ve picked the perfect choice, whether you’re looking for the greatest Bitcoin exchange or a site to buy Litecoin with euros.

Users of credit/debit cards can experience quick trading with some of the lowest costs available. You should validate your account if you intend to trade frequently. The basic account allows daily withdrawals of up to $100. Once you verify your address, not only do your limitations increase by a factor of 100, but you also gain access to wire transfers.

Things We Liked & Disliked

In terms of user experience, CEX.io performs admirably. The site’s style is neat, and everything is well labelled; design-wise, it is unquestionably the best cryptocurrency exchange website. Although calculating deposit/withdrawal costs takes a bit, we greatly appreciated how minimal the fees were. Trading truly occurs instantaneously, so no complaints there.

What bothered us was the tiered membership structure of the website. Essentially, if you do not validate every aspect of your profile, you will not be allowed to use specific payment methods or deposit or withdraw huge amounts of money.


The owners of CEX.io assure customers that numerous safety measures are in place. The site features DDoS protection, all sent data is encrypted, and the currencies are stored in cold storage, which is essentially par for the course for today’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges.


CEX.io has reasonable fees. Your exchange cost for any particular transaction will be under 1% and may even be zero if you trade frequently. However, there are additional fees for both deposits and withdrawals. They vary based on the currency and mode of payment. Although they are not too high, they are computed in an unusual manner, so you should have a calculator.


• Instant trading

• Low costs

• Simple to use

• Loans and stakes available


• Payment options are restricted by membership tiers

• The knowledge base may be enhanced

Our Verdict

Expert crypto traders are already aware that this is the best crypto exchange for them, particularly if they intend to trade frequently and even dabble in cryptocurrency investments. That does not imply that CEX is only for experts. Its streamlined design makes crypto trading accessible to everyone. It is not always easy to deal with the competition.

Justifications for Use

Whether you are new to the world of cryptocurrencies or a seasoned investor, CEX.io provides you with the tools you need to succeed.


• There are 47 cryptocurrencies

• Trading fees range from $0.99 to 1.49%

• Accepts fiat: Yes

• Wallet app: Yes

It took some time for Gemini to become arguably the best bitcoin trading platform it is today. It was founded in 2014 by the Winklevoss twins, who earned their reputation with ConnectU, an early social media platform that many consider Facebook’s direct precursor.

How It Operates

The operation of Gemini is relatively simple. You must initially fund your account with funds from your bank account. Attempting to do so with a credit card is impossible. There are maximums for funding ($15,000 monthly or $5,000 daily) and withdrawals ($100,000 per day).

Things We Liked and Disliked

Gemini is unquestionably a secure platform for trading cryptocurrencies, and this is likely one of its strongest selling points. Those trading in popular coins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin are unlikely to find a more convenient exchange.

Limited payment methods and international availability are significant drawbacks. For US-based traders, however, this platform has everything required.


Gemini is regarded as the most secure bitcoin exchange platform. It adheres to the highest security standards in the industry and is governed by U.S. law.


A flat transaction fee ranging from $0.99 to $2.99 may apply. For orders greater than $200, the fee is 1.49 percent of the order total. In addition, there is a 0.40% fee for assets exceeding $1 million.


• Exceptional security measures

• Incredible mobile apps

• Numerous trading options and features

• An extensive selection of supported currencies


• Less accessible to non-Americans

Our Verdict

Gemini is possibly the best place for beginner to advanced traders to purchase cryptocurrencies. This versatility contributes significantly.


• There are over 50 cryptocurrencies.

Trading commission: 0%-0.26%

• Does accept fiat?

• Wallet application:

Even though Kraken is based in the US, it is regarded as the best marketplace for cryptocurrency purchases in many other nations. The business is self-regulated in a way that qualifies it to operate in every jurisdiction in which it does. It gains flexibility and dependability from this.

What it does

Due to its ability to exchange more than 50 cryptocurrencies in more than 140 markets, Kraken is quite distinctive. Six different major currencies and their trading pairs are covered by these markets. These are the USD, EUR, CAD, JPY, GBP, and CHF currencies.

What We Did and Did Not Like

When it comes to available coins and accepted currencies, Kraken is quite flexible. Additionally, it offers one of the best customer services in the industry. This can add another level of assurance for those who are still undecided.


Kraken is always at the top of the list when looking for the most secure cryptocurrency exchanges. This is because it employs an offline wallet system, also referred to as a cold wallet system. These wallets are so secure because they are physically cut off from any potentially dangerous elements.


With the exception of withdrawal and deposit fees, all Kraken fees are per-trade. Depending on the traded volume and whether you are buying or selling, regular fees range from 0% to 0.26%. The trader must conduct more than $10,000,000 in transactions per month in order to be eligible for the lowest rates.


• Low transaction costs

• Trading in cryptocurrencies and fiat money

• Superb security

• Ample liquidity


• There are no credit/debit card deposits.

Our Finding

Kraken is the best option for those looking for trustworthy bitcoin trading platforms with a stellar track record.


• There are over 150 cryptocurrencies.

• 0.5% trading fee

• Does accept fiat?

• Wallet application:

The speed at which users can exchange their cryptocurrencies and fiat money is Changelly’s area of expertise. In terms of what it offers and how many users it has, it ranks among the top bitcoin exchanges.

What it Does

Changelly provides you with a quick, easy, and largely anonymous cryptocurrency exchange service. There are more than 150 cryptocurrencies, but only the USD, GBP, and EUR are accepted as fiat money.

What We Did and Did Not Like

Changelly is one of the top bitcoin trading platforms because of its excellent customer support. Live chat that is accessible around-the-clock can solve a lot of issues before they even arise. Additionally, the fees are very reasonable.

While most other transactions typically take no longer than 30 minutes, transactions over 1BTC may take quite some time. This might feel quite unsettling to some people.


Changelly is typically regarded as a secure cryptocurrency exchange option because it doesn’t hold any liquidity and doesn’t demand any kind of deposit. Therefore, Changelly is the best bitcoin exchange for traders looking for a non-custodial exchange.


The 0.5% fee charged by Changelly is very reasonable. If you frequently make smaller trades, a percentage fee with smaller amounts can help you save a fair amount of money. The 5% fee Changelly charges to convert cryptocurrency to fiat money is the only drawback.


• Unusually quick transactions

• Unprecedented variety of coins accepted

• Excellent user support

• Low costs


• Expensive initial cryptocurrency purchase fees


• There are over 150 cryptocurrencies.

Trading commission: 0.5–1%

• Does accept fiat?

• Wallet application:

Many people agree that Paxful is the best place to buy bitcoin. The referral system is one of the aspects of cryptocurrency trading that is frequently overlooked. Users of Paxful are able to gain from recommendations made through social media and blogging.

What it Does

The Paxful platform is not too difficult to use. You can choose your preferred payment method once you’ve created your wallet, which is completely free. Next, locate Bitcoin sellers who are accepting orders and place an order. Users of Paxful can also view the seller’s profile.

What We Did and Did Not Like

The fact that Paxful is a US-registered company and is as a result governed by US law is what causes so many users to trust it. Paxful should be safe because people looking for crypto investing websites typically try to avoid scams.

The exchange itself doesn’t offer leverage, which is the biggest drawback. When looking for a place to buy, sell, and trade cryptocurrencies, this is actually among the most frequent reasons why some potential Paxful users choose to use another platform instead.


The use of cutting-edge encryption by this platform to protect user data is what has the biggest positive impact on its security. This alone would make it the best cryptocurrency trading platform (or at least to earn it a high spot on the list).


Unless they are selling cryptocurrency via bank transfer, in which case the fee is 0.5%, the seller on Paxful can expect to pay a 1% fee. Before choosing a platform, it is definitely worthwhile to compare prices and see what they are elsewhere.


• A variety of payment options

• Using the platform is free.

• Escrow financial security

• Bitcoin trading is anonymous


• The cost exceeds that of most exchanges.

Our Finding

Paxful is a safe and reliable cryptocurrency exchange platform that might be appropriate for higher volumes of trading.


• There are over 800 cryptocurrencies.

• 0.2% trading fee

• Recognizes fiat:

• No wallet app

YoBit would unquestionably be the best cryptocurrency trading platform available if the standard for a platform’s quality was the number of coins or trading pairs that were offered. Some people think that an altcoin may not actually exist if it is not listed on YoBit.

What it Does

YoBit excels at quick transactions that are clear, accurate, and concise. Even a novice trader has an unmatched level of control thanks to the process’s design for efficient mouse motion. Although the interface might seem a little strange, it is actually very simple.

What We Did and Did Not Like

YoBit is adaptable, trustworthy, and incredibly quick. In particular, it has an hour-long withdrawal timeframe. Even though larger deposits might take a lot longer, this is still much slower than the industry standard.

YoBit’s lack of an independent crypto trading app is its biggest drawback. This is totally unacceptable for a platform with such a strong reputation in the industry.


YoBit safeguards its users with the industry-recommended two-factor authorization, SSL encryption, and special Yobicodes, just like the majority of the leading companies in the field. As a result, a secure and enclosed system is created.


In general, YoBit’s 0.2% trading fee is very competitive. On the other hand, depending on the method and the currency used, withdrawal and deposit fees can be a little higher, going as high as 2% for deposits and 7% for withdrawals.


• Multiple languages available

• Huge volume of trade each day

• Different transfer types

• Reasonably low fees in comparison to some of its rivals


It doesn’t have a mobile trading app.

Our Finding

Yobit is most definitely open to users who are primarily concerned with the quantity and speed of alternative coins. The best instant cryptocurrency exchange is how people frequently describe it.


• There are over 45 cryptocurrencies.

1.49% trading commission

• Does accept fiat?

• Wallet application:

Because of its simplicity and effectiveness, Bitpanda will be mentioned in most reviews of cryptocurrency exchanges. This platform ought to be the default choice for most European Union users looking to exchange cryptocurrency.

What it Does

The procedure is very easy to follow and secure. A registration and verification process is the first step. You can start buying and selling digital assets as soon as the account has been verified. It’s even simpler because the platform secures many fiat currencies.

What We Did and Did Not Like

The simplicity of the Bitpanda interface is one of its main benefits. Other than this, the platform’s customer support is excellent. These two elements work together to create a fantastic bitcoin trading software.

The drawback is that people who reside outside the EU might not be able to verify their accounts. That is to say, the platform itself has a strong regional focus.


It’s important to note that there are several techniques used to ensure Bitpanda account security. Some of them include SSL, reCAPTCHA, cold storage, spot checks, and others.


With a trading fee of 1.49%, Bitpanda is somewhat expensive. Since a user is aware of all applicable fees, there is also the issue of transparency to take into account. The cost of a Fiat deposit may change depending on the card used. For those who are thinking about using a credit card to buy cryptocurrency, this is essential.


A large selection of payment methods

An accessible platform

Comparable prices

Exceptional security


Regionally specific

Our Finding

As one of the best online brokers for trading bitcoins with a variety of potential payment methods, Bitpanda excels.


• There are over 35 cryptocurrencies.

$6 for micro-lots and a percentage of a full lot are the trading fees.

• Does accept fiat?

• Wallet application:

Given that it offers some incredible leverage options, the LonghornFX platform is an excellent choice for margin trading. It is even more formidable in this regard because it supports 35 cryptocurrency pairs, 55 currency pairs, 64 stocks, and more.

What it does

LonghornFX might meet every requirement you have for a professional crypto trading platform. Users of LonghornFX can easily take advantage of this regulated broker’s many deposit options and bonus conditions to their advantage.

What We Did and Did Not Like

The fact that this platform only requires a $10 deposit to get started is one of its greatest advantages. Additionally, it provides a free demo so that the trader can become acquainted with the platform before beginning to use it.

The drawback is that they don’t offer as many distinctive features as some of their rivals do. As a result, traders interested in a particular feature may want to research their options before choosing LonghornFX.


When it comes to overall security, LonghornFX ranks among the top trading platforms for digital assets. To guarantee the security of the assets, they use safe offline vaults.


The charge can be a flat $6/£6/€6 for a micro-lot or a percentage of a complete lot, depending on the size of the traded lot. Additionally, there is a 0.0005 BTC fixed withdrawal fee. Numerous bitcoin trading and buying sites have similar basic cost structures.


• It boasts having over 150 marketable assets.

The minimal deposit is only $10.

• Fast cryptocurrency funding

• No cost trial account


• It remains largely uncontrolled.

Our Finding

This platform is largely intended towards intermediate traders, given as it includes many options and features.


• There are over one hundred different cryptocurrencies.

• The commission on trades is 0.25%

• Accepts fiat: Yes

• Wallet app: Yes

Because it is supported in so many different countries all over the world, Mercatox is considered by some of its users to be the best global cryptocurrency exchange. Users have more than enough options to choose from thanks to the fact that it supports more than one hundred different cryptocurrencies.

The Workings of It

Mercatox, much like some other marketplace exchanges, gives users the option to create unverified accounts in addition to verified ones. Naturally, the trading figures for verified accounts are quite different from those of non-verified accounts. To put it another way, the volume of crypto trading is an important consideration.

Things We Liked and Disliked

A significant number of users consider the Mercatox Trading view to be one of the most significant benefits offered by this platform. However, this is seen as subjective by some. Additionally important benefits include inexpensive membership costs and robust customer retention programmes.

Unfortunately, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the volume of trade that takes place on this exchange platform has significantly decreased.


Some of the most recent surveys indicate that Mercatox scores are very close to the averages seen in the industry. When it comes to the safety of transactions involving cryptocurrency, the app in question may not be the most reliable one, but it isn’t all that far behind either.


The trading fee for the platform itself is 0.25% of each trade. On the other hand, it does charge fees for withdrawals, which vary depending on the cryptocurrency. In either case, it is a consideration that ought to be incorporated into the possible calculations.


• The creation of accounts is simple.

• Exchange rates with low fees

• The availability of simulated trading accounts

• Assistance for a wide variety of geographical areas


Not subject to regulation by the FCA in the UK

Our Verdict

Mercatox is a flexible trading platform that caters to traders of all experience levels, from novices to seasoned professionals.


• There are currently 8 different cryptocurrencies.

• Assistance for customers is available around the clock.

• Accepts fiat: Yes

• Wallet app: No

Plus500 is a provider of CFDs and facilitates cryptocurrency CFD trading on its platform (availability subject to regulations). Two things stand out when Plus500 is compared to its rivals: first, all of the trading instruments available on Plus500 make use of leverage. Second, it is accessible in fifty different countries, thirty different languages, and it provides customer service around the clock.

A word of caution: When it comes to trading CFDs with this provider, 76.4% of retail investor accounts end up losing money. You need to ask yourself if you have the financial means to take the significant chance of losing your money.

The Workings of It

Logging into your Plus500 account and selecting the “Trade” tab to conduct instrument searches is all that is required of you to get started trading with the company. Check out the Plus500 trading guide for further information on this. Plus500 allows customers to trade contracts for difference (CFDs) on Bitcoin and Ethereum, two of the most well-known cryptocurrencies. Because of this, the platform is now competitive with all of the leading bitcoin trading platforms.

Things We Liked and Disliked

Plus500 is the only platform you need to consider using if you are looking for a place to trade multiple assets. This is especially true for those individuals who consider trading with leverage to be their primary area of interest.

The fact that this platform does not cater to US traders is easily the most significant limitation it possesses. It would make more sense for them to look for cryptocurrency exchanges that are based in the United States.


SSL encryption and the fact that the broker is subject to regulations both contribute to the platform’s level of safety.

The Financial Conduct Authority (FRN 509909), the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (#250/14), and the Seychelles Financial Services Authority all authorise and regulate Plus500CY Ltd. (Licence No. SD039).

Additionally, Plus500 is in possession of the following licenses: AFSL #417727 (issued by ASIC), FSP No. 486026 (issued by the FMA), Authorized Financial Services Provider #47546 (issued by the FSCA), and License No. 486026. Both a CMS100648-1 license, which was granted by the Monetary Authority of Singapore, and an Israeli license to run a trading platform were obtained.

In general, it is a trustworthy CFD broker that allows trading in cryptocurrencies.


Plus500 is unquestionably a platform that is best suited for active traders given that it levies fees for both inactivity and overnight trading positions. Additionally, there are some other costs involved. This page contains additional details regarding the prices that are required. When it comes to the costs of trading, Plus500 is among the most affordable options.


• An intuitive user interface

• Accessible in more than 50 countries worldwide

• Stop-loss orders that are effective


• The absence of authorization for the United States

Our Verdict

Traders with experience in CFD will find the platform to be very user-friendly.


• There are over fifty different cryptocurrencies.

• Transaction costs can reach up to 1%

• Fiat currency acceptance – yes

• Wallet app: Yes

Wirex is a leading cryptocurrency debit card, and it also holds the title of being the cryptocurrency platform that charges the lowest fees for the vast majority of different types of trades. Aside from this, it is a card that offers its users a variety of rewards and benefits, such as rewards for referrals.

The Workings of It

You can add funds to your Wirex card from any of your other accounts, and then you can finish the transaction without leaving the Wirex card itself. It goes without saying that this is without a doubt the least complicated method available for purchasing cryptocurrency with a credit card.

Things We Liked and Disliked

The fact that Wirex is a Visa card is the primary benefit that should be brought up in this context because of its importance. This enables you to use your cryptocurrency for purchases anywhere that accepts VISA (which is virtually everywhere).

On the other hand, when people were discussing which cryptocurrency exchange was the best on Reddit, there were a lot of complaints about the customer support offered by the platform.


When it comes to Wirex’s security, the fact that it holds a PCI DSS Level 1 certification lends it more credibility than is strictly necessary. A two-factor authentication system has also been implemented to further ensure the safety of the platform’s users.


Because this is a card, it is important to mention both the fees associated with exchanging fiat currency and the fees associated with using ATMs when discussing pricing fees. First and foremost, there are no transfer fees associated with transactions made between users of Wirex. Because of this, it is a user-friendly platform for P2P bitcoin trading.


• The card is issued by VISA.

• Reasonable restrictions placed on spending accounts

• There is no fee for users of Wirex to use Wirex.

• 50+ digital currencies


• Support for customers that is less than stellar

Our Verdict

People who want to use their cryptocurrency to make payments anywhere that accepts VISA cards are likely to find this platform to be the most useful option.


• There are over 500 different cryptocurrencies.

• Commission on trades: 0.20%

• Does not accept fiat currency:

• Wallet app: No

Bithoven is unquestionably one of the cryptocurrency exchange options that charge the lowest fees, and as a result, it is already generating an enormous amount of interest among a diverse range of users. It also gives new users a demo account, which is another feature that makes it very user-friendly for novices.

The Workings of It

The fact that Bithoven does not accept deposits in the form of fiat currency is one of the most significant restrictions placed on its deposit methods. This indicates that you are required to make a direct deposit of cryptocurrency. As a result, new investors in cryptocurrencies can’t really start here, and they should instead look for the best platform for fiat-to-cryptocurrency purchases instead.

Things That We Enjoyed and Did Not Enjoy

The number of coins that are supported is more than admirable, and the fact that users have the ability to trade with leverage may entice a large number of users to sign up for this platform. An additional hidden benefit of using a MetaTrader 5 market is the high level of security that is provided by such a market.

This platform does not offer any payment options that convert fiat currency into cryptocurrency, which is perhaps its most significant limitation. To put it another way, if you were looking for a location where you could use trading options for USD to cryptocurrency, you will need to look somewhere else.


Bithoven receives scores significantly higher than average on the vast majority of the independent online tests. Despite this, this goes above and beyond what one would anticipate from a MetaTrader 5 market platform. It goes without saying that this alone is sufficient for it to be regarded as one of the best options for digital currency platforms currently available.


When discussing the fees that Bithoven charges, it is essential to point out that the trading fees, which are 0.20%, are significantly lower than the average fees charged by the industry, which are 0.25%. The fee for making a withdrawal can range anywhere from $2.5 to over $30, depending on the currency being used.


• MetaTrader 5 market platform

• No deposit fees

• You have access to more than 500 coins.

• Demo users get one hundred free Dogecoins.


• Doesn’t accept Fiat currency deposits

Our Verdict

A solid place to get started trading cryptocurrencies, complete with a comprehensive demo account.


• The total number of cryptocurrencies available is 18.

• Commission for trading: 0.45%

• Fiat currency acceptance – yes

• Wallet app: Yes

YouHodler was initially a straightforward platform for lending money, but it eventually developed into a full-fledged trading platform for cryptocurrencies. It provides you with an entirely new way to utilise your cryptocurrency holdings by providing options such as crypto-savings accounts and crypto-backed loans.

The Workings of It

Many people believe that YouHodler is one of the best Bitcoin broker options for new users because it is a well-known company that offers multiple crypto-fiat financial services. In addition to the trading of cryptocurrencies, it also provides the opportunity to apply for loans secured by cryptocurrencies. The procedure is straightforward, and users are able to borrow fiat funds based on the value of their crypto assets at the time of borrowing (as collateral). Additionally, it enables the exchange of cryptocurrencies for one another, as well as for fiat currency or stablecoins. Additionally, withdrawals can be made to personal bank accounts as well as credit and debit cards.

What We Liked and Disliked

YouHodler offers a great deal of versatility in terms of how you can use both traditional currency and crypto assets in your trading. You are provided with more than just a response to the question “where can I buy cryptocurrency?” In addition to that, the platform gives you the opportunity to open a savings account with YouHodler and to obtain a loan secured by cryptocurrency.

The YouHodler platform has two major drawbacks that users should be aware of. The very first disadvantage is that, unlike some of its competitors, it is not a decentralised cryptocurrency exchange. The second issue is that users located in the United States are unable to access it.


Client funds are held in cold storage, which creates an extra layer of protection between your money and potential thieves. In addition to this, it complies with the regulations of the EU. Even though there is no insurance provider that specialises in crypto, the company does have its own insurance policy in place. There is approximately $150 million worth of pooled insurance for crimes committed right now.


This platform is another candidate for the title of the cryptocurrency exchange with the lowest transaction fees. The fee for BTC’s profit share is 0.45% of the total.

The minimum amount that can be deposited is either 500 in any of the following currencies: USD, EUR, CHF, or GBP. When it comes to the minimum amount required to withdraw, bank cards have very low requirements (2 EUR or 2 USD). However, the minimums for bank transfers are significantly higher: 50 euros in EUR or 500 dollars, Swiss francs, or Great British pounds. The minimum amount required to purchase cryptocurrency ranges from 10-50 USD in value.


• Interest rates on savings accounts that are extremely high (up to 12%).

• There are 18 cryptocurrencies that are supported.

• 20 supported collateral options


• Users located in the United States cannot access it.

Our Verdict

YouHodler might not be one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges, but the fact that it offers loan and savings account features can provide you with an entirely fresh viewpoint on the application of digital currencies.


• There are over 250 different cryptocurrencies available.

• Transaction costs can reach up to 0.40%. (maker-taker)

• Fiat currency acceptance – yes

• Wallet app: Yes

You, as a cryptocurrency investor looking for an exchange, have probably heard of various platforms that are very good at one thing but inconvenient for another. You are looking for a platform that best suits your needs.

Your first inclination will be to purchase everything together in one convenient bundle. Stop looking; Crypto.com meets the majority, if not all, of your requirements.

The cryptocurrency exchange that is based in Singapore is one of the most liquid exchanges available, and it supports a diverse range of digital assets.

If you have ever felt frustrated by the lack of transparency on a platform, then you won’t have to worry about that when using Crypto.com because they prioritise transparency.

The Workings of It

You will need to sign up with Crypto.com before you can begin using it. There are two approaches to trading cryptocurrency that you could take once your account has been activated and is functioning properly.

One way is through the actual transaction itself. The second method utilises its built-in DeFi wallet.

What’s the difference between the two?

The cryptocurrency exchange on Crypto.com is a centralised one. As a consequence of this, a maker-taker fee is applied to transactions.

On the other hand, if you use the Crypto.com DeFi wallet, you will have full control over your private keys as well as the ability to process your swap more quickly in exchange for a fee.

When investors stake their currencies on Crypto.com for longer than six months, they are eligible to receive interest payments.

Things We Liked & Disliked

Crypto.com deserves a lot of praise for a variety of reasons.

We liked many aspects of it, including how easy it was to convert money, how low the fees were, how extensive the cryptocurrency selection was, and how secure it was.

In roughly the same proportion, certain aspects leave a great deal to be desired. The subpar quality of Crypto.com’s customer service is at the top of the list. This is not even close to what one would anticipate for a market of this size.

The fact that the exchange does not support crypto-crypto trading is an additional significant drawback. Customers looking for this kind of convenience should look elsewhere for a better option.

Finally, Crypto.com does not offer some services in the US, notably margin trading.


The crypto industry has been hampered by the rise in instances of cybercrime. So, what measures are taken to guarantee Crypto.com’s continued safety?

The funds of investors are kept safe by Crypto.com through the use of Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). This includes verification via password, phone, email, and authenticators such as biometrics and authenticators.

The company’s software employs both dynamic and static source code analysis tools in its development process.

Whitelisting external email addresses as part of the authentication process is required as well.

Costs and charges

Crypto.com imposes a 0.4% fee on new users’ first $25,000 worth of trades each month if they do not have a CRO staking account.

When there is no CRO staking involved, high-volume investors have the opportunity to pay fees as low as 0.04% as makers or 0.1% as takers.

In addition to this, the platform offers discounted fees to investors who have a balance of at least $5,000 in their accounts.

The pricing structure of Crypto.com offers investors an incentive to engage in more transactions, which is instructive. Users who make trades totaling $25,000 or more are subject to a 0.36% fee. Rates are reduced when larger stakes are played.


• Very reasonable costs

• Exorbitantly high rates of interest

• A wide variety of crypto assets to choose from

• Fiat balances are protected by the FDIC.


• Certain states, such as New York, do not have access to the service, and certain services are not available everywhere.

• Unsatisfactory help for customers

• Higher fees for clients not using CRO

Our Verdict

The majority of the features that both experienced investors and newcomers to the investment world would like to have are consolidated under one roof on Crypto.com. In addition to having highly reasonable costs, it is a one-stop store where customers can buy, sell, and trade cryptocurrency.

The most valuable aspect of Crypto.com is its functionality. If your priorities are congruent, you should give it some serious consideration.

Motives for Making Use Of

Do you wish to use your cryptocurrency for activities other than just buying and retaining it? If you answered “yes,” then Crypto.com could be a good fit for you.

SpendMeNot’s Approach

We created an original methodology to guide us as we searched for the best cryptocurrency exchange.

Ever wonder how we manage it? Here is a brief summary.

We started by investigating the market. We searched for all the most popular and significant websites that provide crypto trading. Then, in order to find the best Bitcoin trading platform, we verified the legitimacy of each and every one. We didn’t want our money to go into the hands of strangers.

Once we had our initial list, we researched each business by reading reviews on cryptocurrency exchanges and visiting their websites. We filtered our list based on any critical reviews that identified specific issues.

Then we looked at each of the remaining sites’ features. The quantity of cryptocurrencies, the accepted payment methods, and of course how simple it is to use the site and execute trades were the most crucial elements for us. User experience can distinctly differentiate two websites.

The next vital detail concerns exchange fees because we’re talking about money and cryptocurrency trading. Nobody wants to lose money as a result of an unfavourable exchange rate or extra fees.

We also noted any additional features like a proprietary wallet, a mobile trading app, or advanced features for seasoned traders in order to determine which cryptocurrency exchange is truly the best.

Our extensive research allowed us to compile a list of the top cryptocurrency trading platforms.

Browse our list to learn where to buy Bitcoin or a promising altcoin, as well as where to trade and potentially make money while doing so.

Your private information and all of your transactions will be kept secure.

How to Pick the Best Bitcoin Exchange

Answering a few fairly straightforward questions will help you find the trading platform that best suits your needs. Even though everyone is unique and has different needs, there are a few things to consider before registering for these websites.

What forms of exchange exist?

Centralized or decentralised exchanges are both possible. As these websites are typically run by a single entity that buys and sells coins, the former choice is more prevalent. A decentralised exchange, on the other hand, connects users who want to buy or sell, creating a peer-to-peer trading process. The most popular blockchain for the best decentralised cryptocurrency exchange is Ethereum’s. Despite being slower, it is also the safest choice.

Regarding exchange rates,

Like any other exchange, businesses that offer cryptocurrency trading aim to increase their profits by getting a better exchange rate. Make sure to compare the buy and sell amounts across various exchanges and look at the difference. In this industry, not everyone operates at the same rates.

What procedures apply to withdrawals?

Examine any restrictions on daily or weekly withdrawals as well as the turnaround time. The amount you can withdraw at once is typically subject to a hard cap, and some payment methods process transactions much more slowly than others.

What are the opinions?

If you believe you have discovered the best cryptocurrency trading platform, spend a few minutes reading user reviews to confirm its reliability. The majority of the time, any potential problems have already been experienced by other users, who will let you know. Or you might get lucky and discover the ideal location right away. Doing some basic research is always a good idea, regardless of the situation.

Final Thoughts

You’ve probably already created your own cryptocurrency wallet and selected the best Bitcoin trading platform for your needs. All of these sites are constantly changing as the cryptocurrency world changes minute by minute. However, you can be confident that if you register with the top cryptocurrency exchange, you can entrust it with your coins or tokens for a very long time. The platforms are well developed, and the bad apples have long since been eliminated. Nuance is all that remains at this point.


Which cryptocurrency exchange charges the least in fees?

Currently, Binance charges the least for trading cryptocurrencies. The platform levies a fee on each transaction of just 0.1%, which is significantly less than the competition. The next best option is CEX.io, where fees can increase to 0.25%.

Which cryptocurrency exchange is ideal for newcomers?

Many people think that Coinmama should be the first place anyone who is just starting out in the fascinating world of cryptocurrencies goes. The website is well-structured, has a comprehensive knowledge base, and doesn’t immediately bombard visitors with technical terms related to cryptocurrencies. Additionally, it has one of the best customer service departments in the business.

How can I pick a cryptocurrency exchange?

The safest option is to use a reputable exchange that provides a wide range of currencies and is open and honest about all of its fees and payment schedules. Make sure the platform you choose for trading Bitcoins has 2FA and other security features.

Which Australian cryptocurrency exchange is the best?

There are many excellent platforms on which Australians can trade cryptocurrencies, but Coinbase is the one we recommend. It is currently one of the top ten websites available, with incredibly quick processing and support for a number of different currencies. The exchange Binance, which has even lower fees than Coinbase but is a little trickier to use, is another well-liked website among Australians. Both of these sites will work for you if you’re a seasoned trader.

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