Nuri Review


• Bank account and cryptocurrency wallet in one place.

• Comes with a reloadable debit card that may be loaded with fiat currency or cryptocurrencies

• Bitcoins can be invested to yield interest

What we dislike about Nuri

• The wallet recovery procedure is laborious

• There is no automatic fee selection when transmitting cryptocurrencies

• Stablecoin (DAI, USDC) support is absent.

Nuri has bridged the gap between traditional banking and cryptocurrency by developing a platform that allows users to buy and exchange digital currencies quickly and cheaply, as well as pay bills, get salaries, and conduct in-store transactions with their debit card.

When you want to swiftly transfer funds between crypto and euro, the integration of your crypto wallet with your bank account is incredibly convenient. In lieu of needing to wait two to three days after selling your cryptocurrency, as you would on a conventional cryptocurrency exchange, Nuri credits your Euro account 30 minutes following the sale, making your holdings incredibly liquid. The platform is accessible via web browsers and is compatible with all mobile devices. It presently supports Euro, Bitcoin, and Ether, with future plans to handle additional cryptocurrencies.


Users who create an account with Nuri receive an IBAN number and a non-custodial Bitcoin and Ethereum wallet. This enables users to not only receive wages, bank transfers, and bill payments using their bank account, but also transform those funds into cryptocurrency to store, trade, and spend as necessary.

As Nuri is a bank that adheres to stringent rules, however, the onboarding process is more complicated than with standard cryptocurrency wallets. Users are required to upload a number of pertinent papers and complete a video identification procedure. This may be a disadvantage for privacy-conscious crypto users, but remember that any cryptocurrency transaction will require you to provide identification!

After being approved, users must set up their wallets by putting down a seed and backup phrase on paper. This is a crucial step; if you don’t perform it correctly, you could lose access to your assets in an emergency circumstance. You can learn more about why this is significant in the security section.

Bank Account

The Nuri bank account meets all of your expectations for a modern bank account in the year 2020. It is mobile-first, aesthetically pleasing, and secure.

Here’s a list of everything you can do with your Nuri bank account:

• Receive salary

• Acquire bank wire transfers

• Direct debits ( to pay for subscriptions )

• Standing orders ( pay your rent every month )

• Bank transfers ( to any bank acct. within the EU)

• Mastercard is accepted in-store and online

• Guaranteed by the German Deposit Guarantee Scheme for up to €100,000

Nuri Wallet & Cryptocurrency Trading

In addition to a bank account, Nuri provides a Bitcoin and Ethereum wallet, allowing you to store both ETH and BTC in the same app.

To access any of these wallets, simply navigate to the portfolio page, where the balance overview will disclose your bitcoin and ethereum holdings.

Like any other cryptocurrency wallet, Nuri wallets can be used to transfer, store, and receive cryptocurrency. To receive crypto funds using Nuri, you must first open the tile for the desired cryptocurrency and then hit the receive button. This will display your bitcoin address, which you may share with anyone who want to give you funds in a secure manner.

It is practically the same technique to send. Simply tap on “send” rather than “receive.” Next, input the amount and recipient’s address to which you wish to send funds. To complete a transaction, you must input the fee you wish to add to it so that miners can process it, as well as your password to confirm the transaction.

The “network fee slider” feature of the Nuri wallet is used to set the transaction charge. The network charge slider allows you to alter the Bitcoin network costs associated with your transaction manually.

Transactions with greater network fees are often processed more quickly by the Bitcoin network. If you are unsure about what cost to charge, you can obtain real-time pricing recommendations at the bottom of this page. It is essential to clarify that Nuri does not profit from network fees, as they are paid directly to miners.

The highlight of the Nuri app is its built-in crypto trading functionality, which allows you to change euros to cryptocurrencies and vice versa. Because your bank account is incorporated within the Nuri app, this procedure is incredibly streamlined. Before you can begin trading on a typical cryptocurrency exchange, you must wait several days for your euros to arrive. A trade costs a flat 1% commission and takes no more than 30 minutes to complete.

Nuri Debit Card & Fees

The debit card is a fantastic addition to the trading feature, as it makes crypto assets in Nuri immediately spendable in the real world. There is no need to wait many days for the monies to reach your bank account. If you want to sell your cryptocurrency because you need to buy something, you can trade your bitcoins for euros in two taps using the trading page. As soon as the deal is finished, the value of the sale will be deposited to your euro account, and you can use your Nuri debit card to withdraw the funds. Note, however, that this process can take up to 30 minutes, which must be accounted for when planning impromptu shopping visits.

Nuri charges a moderate 1% flat fee for the conversion of cryptocurrency to euro. You may obtain a lower rate (0.25%) at an exchange like Kraken, but Nuri offers considerably more ease by providing an excellent user experience and fast spending of your cryptocurrency.

Other advantages of the Nuri card that are worth mentioning are that ATM Withdrawals are free worldwide, with the exception of some foreign exchanges and independent ATMs that may charge their own fee, and there are no currency conversion fees when making purchases in foreign currencies outside of Europe. In addition, there are no card order fees or card activation fees. Replacement cards cost €9.50. Check out our guide on crypto cards to realize that these enviable conditions are not the norm.

Profit from Bitcoin’s Interest Rate

Recently, Nuri began offering a cryptocurrency savings account. A crypto savings account enables you to invest and earn interest on your Bitcoin. The option can be accessed through the Bitcoin wallet area of the program, and investing requires only three taps. Simply enter the amount, confirm it, and wait for the transaction to be confirmed. Once your Bitcoin has been invested, you will get weekly (every Monday) Bitcoin payouts of your collected interest. Additionally, there is no lockup time and the minimum investment amount is €10, making it truly accessible to everyone.

In case you’re wondering how this works, Nuri collaborated with Celsius Network to develop this feature. Celsius is a specialized lender of cryptocurrencies.

In order to create interest, Celsius lends your assets to reputable institutional investors, who pay a fee for the privilege. Due to the fact that the loans are “asset-backed,” meaning that the borrowers must post collateral to obtain a loan, the chance of default is minimal. Without a single default, Celsius has provided over $6.2 billion in loans to far.

Is Nuri safe?

To prevent unauthorized access to your wallet, Nuri has added two-factor authentication, which entails receiving an SMS-code every time you log in in addition to your email address and password. In addition, Face ID and Touch ID are integrated for everyday use to expedite and simplify transaction authentication.

For the bank account, Nuri collaborated with the fully licensed German bank SolarisBank, which means that your Euro monies saved in your Nuri account are covered by the German Deposit Guarantee Scheme up to a maximum of €100,000. (DGS).

BitGo, the top crypto custody provider, provides “multi-signature” technology that is utilized by Nuri for their crypto wallet. A multi-signature crypto wallet is a wallet that, unlike the regular bitcoin wallet, requires multiple signatures to confirm a transaction. By requiring multiple signatures, the security of a wallet can be dispersed to various parties, resulting in safer cash. The specific variation adopted by Nuri is a “2-of-3 Multisig Wallet,” which means there are three keys linked with your wallet and at least two keys must sign every outgoing transaction for it to be valid.

As is the case with all non-custodial wallets, neither Nuri nor any other third party may access your cash. In order to join up for Nuri, you must write down both a primary and a secondary key.

The primary key is encrypted on BitGo’s servers with the third key. In a typical transaction, you will enter your password into the Nuri app, which will decrypt the main key on BitGo’s servers and combine it with its own key to create the two keys required for a legal transaction.

You must have two keys so that you can continue to access your funds in the event that Nuri disappears or ceases operations due to an extraordinary scenario. Nuri enables you to accomplish precisely this. Since you possess two keys, you may easily transfer your bitcoins to a different wallet and use them from there forth. Note that only you can do this because you are the only one with two keys! This is the enchantment of holding coins on a chain.

If this day ever comes, you may find Nuri’s recovery tutorial here, which explains how to transfer your cash to another wallet using your backup and primary key. We won’t lie, the process is a little tedious and could be improved by the current state-of-the-art recovery procedures (see our post on [Smart Contract wallets] (, but it’s still a vast improvement over not having any control over your funds, as is the case with a traditional bank account.

User Experience & Support

The majority of the user experience is positive. The application is well-designed, and the trading platform is simple. Nevertheless, the “send” flows in the wallet require modification. Here, users must independently select the blockchain network cost without instruction. This would be improved by recommending a fee that would allow the transaction to be executed in an acceptable amount of time.

The customer service experience is commendable, with live chat assistance, email channels, and a Skype help desk available to users.

A further advantage of Nuri being a “crypto native” bank is that they actually understand crypto, therefore you do not risk having your account canceled arbitrarily for trading, as has happened in the past with standard banks.

Nuri Tax Report

Some nations in the EU oblige their residents to pay capital gains taxes on their cryptocurrency holdings. As a result of its relationship with, Nuri makes this procedure simple.

This enables you to download a customized, ready-to-use tax statement for all your Nuri transactions with a single click from your dashboard. It’s as simple as adding a PDF file to an email to file tax forms for your cryptocurrency transactions.

This consists of:

• Easy and painless tax filing for your Nuri cryptocurrency transactions

• Individualized tax statements that are ready for use for all of your Nuri transactions.

• Taxpayers in Germany and Switzerland receive country-specific tax reports that meet all legal criteria.


Nuri is the app to use if you live in Europe and want a dependable, all-in-one solution for your traditional and crypto financial demands. We are quite optimistic about Nuri’s future, as they have a huge, dedicated team as well as investors with deep finances who wish to make Nuri the leading crypto bank in Europe.

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