How To Mine Helium in 2022 (Complete Guide)

How To Mine Helium

The complete rundown on the Helium network

Because of the proliferation of a massive network of computers and other devices known as the internet, the world is rapidly becoming more and more digital. To maintain their online presence in today’s world, practically everyone makes use of both WiFi and cellular data. In spite of this, the Helium network is extremely analogous to WiFi; the main distinction between the two is that the Helium network is peer-to-peer and less expensive.

In addition, Helium is a novel blockchain network that aims to create public and decentralized wireless networks. The introduction of decentralized wireless networks into our current world would result in numerous positive changes.

The Internet of Things is one of the most recent technological developments that helps eliminate friction (IoT). The sensors and antennas included into IoT devices are how the devices connect to one another and share information with one another. These days, there are a lot of Internet of Things (IoT) gadgets that are smart, and these smart devices assist save both time and electricity.

Every day, all of these smart devices come in handy, but the most difficult part is easily and consistently integrating them all together. Bluetooth and WiFi do not have a wider range, and their capacity is reaching its limit due to the increasing demands of our computers and mobile devices.

As a result, this is the thing that Helium wants to alter. Helium’s proprietary Radio Frequency (RF) technology was designed to provide comprehensive coverage to Internet of Things devices. There are a few aspects of the Helium network that set it apart from the standard WiFi networks that we all use today. These aspects include privacy and security, dependability and scalability, and an openness to additional collaborations.

Proof-of-Coverage is the name of the innovative algorithm that the network was built on (PoC). Additionally, the Helium team aims to ensure that its users set up hotspots in their homes so that they may create comprehensive wireless coverage for Internet of Things devices. It is expected that the network’s dependability will continue to improve when additional hotspots are added to it. Owners of hotspots receive an incentive in the form of the network’s native currency, known as HNT, in exchange for making their networks accessible to a large number of users.

Who were the original people behind Helium?

In 2013, Amir Haleem, Shawn Fanning, and Sean Carey came up with the idea for Helium, and they went on to launch the company together.

Haleem comes from a background in both the world of eSports and the world of game creation. Napster, a music-sharing platform that was one of the first widespread peer-to-peer (P2P) internet services in the late 1990s, was developed by Fanning, who gained notoriety for his work in this field.

On the other side, before joining Helium, Carey worked in a variety of development roles, one of which was at the advertising optimization firm “Where,” which was later acquired by PayPal.

The Helium team is comprised of specialists with expertise in a variety of fields, including radio and hardware, manufacturing, distributed systems, peer-to-peer technologies, and blockchain applications.

All you need to know about the Helium (HNT) coin

IoT devices are the target audience for the decentralized blockchain network known as Helium (HNT). In contrast to other cryptocurrencies on the market, it has actual applications in the real world.

Helium’s native token, abbreviated as HNT, is a new form of digital asset that can be obtained by hotspots in exchange for providing and authenticating wireless coverage.

In July of 2019, the HNT coin was introduced. Users that operate nodes can participate in mining to gain incentives in the form of HNT tokens. The nodes come in the form of hotspots, which are a combination of a wireless gateway and a Blockchain mining device. LoRaWAN wireless protocol is the name of the wireless network protocol. Because hotspots can also function as miners on the Helium blockchain, their owners have the opportunity to earn HNT coins through the construction of the network and the transfer of data from IoT devices.

The operation of Helium

As was mentioned previously, Helium employs a brand new sort of algorithm referred to as Proof of Coverage (POC). Miners are rewarded in HNT simply for certifying wireless coverage through the use of radio waves on the network.

Without the need for WiFi or cellular networks, Internet of Things (IoT) devices, including smart gadgets, can connect to Helium hotspots, thereby fostering innovation and opening the door to new use cases.

What makes Helium unique?

The goal of the Helium project is to improve the capabilities of wireless Internet of Things devices in terms of communication. In spite of the fact that the infrastructure supporting the Internet of Things was still in its infancy in 2013, developers were eager to make sure that IoT devices were distributed.

The HoneyBadger BFT protocol is what sets the Helium network apart from other blockchains, and the innovative consensus technique proof-of-coverage (POC) is what makes this possible.

Users of Helium additionally pay transaction fees using a distinct token known as Data Credits. These Data Credits are connected to individual users and cannot be exchanged for other tokens.

Where can I purchase Helium coin?

Unfortuitously, the majority of cryptocurrency trading platforms or exchanges do not yet have trading pairs for Helium coin included to their offerings. However, the addition of HNT to other exchanges is almost anticipated to take place in the near future as more individuals continue to become familiar with the Helium platform and the use cases it supports.

Binance, Binance US, and are just a few of the exchanges that have enabled trading pairs for Helium coins to their platforms.

How to obtain Helium Coin by Mining

This section provides an in-depth look at the process of mining for helium. We anticipate that GPUs will face competition from helium mining, also known as hotspot mining. Instead of using graphics processing units, which can be inefficient at times and expensive, you will need to use radio technology in order to mine Helium coins with hotspots. When you have an HNT miner, you won’t have to worry about expensive electricity bills or laborious installation steps.

What are the requirements for mining Helium coin?

To begin mining HNT, it would be beneficial for you to have a gadget that creates a hotspot as well as an internet connection. After you have those things set up, you can activate the hotspot on your phone by downloading the Helium mobile app and turning it on. The hotspot will allow you to earn HNT and will transfer data at the same time.

What exactly are these hotspots?

IoT devices are made possible by peer-to-peer wireless networks known as hotspots, which make it possible for these devices to offer low-power data transport to and from the internet. As was just mentioned, Helium hotspots perform the function of nodes on the Helium network. When you use Helium hotspots, you are eligible to receive HNT as a reward for providing more comprehensive network coverage. Your hotspot would only require 5 watts of power thanks to the POC algorithm that Helium employs.

The pricing structure of helium miners

If you are interested in mining HNT, you should be aware of the associated costs first. On the other hand, the cost of miner’s ranges from $300 to $600, and this figure is determined by the model of the hotspot that you choose.

How to determine the appropriate frequency

You need to be aware that each continent has its own frequency before you make the investment in a hotspot miner. The following is a list of the frequencies used by certain countries’ hotspots:

• EU – 868

• AU – 915

• AS – 923

• CN – 470

• RU – 864

• IN – 865

• KR – 920

• US – 915

How to get money with the mining of helium

The number of miners in your area, the amount of data that is transferred from devices using your hotspot, the location of the hotspot, and the number of witnesses all factor towards the amount of HNT tokens that you receive. Despite this, a hotspot will acquire a greater number of HNT tokens in proportion to the amount of data it transports. In addition to that, the earnings will increase proportionately to the number of challenges in which your miner competes.

To facilitate greater comprehension, consider the following statistic:

• 3–5 Witnesses Earn More Than 150 HNT Each Month

• 5–15 Witnesses Earn More Than 500 HNT Each Month

• 15+ Witnesses Earn More Than 800 HNT Each Month

Hotspot Miners can increase their HNT earnings by working in close proximity to other miners, provided that they maintain a distance of at least 300-350 meters between themselves. Because of this, single HNT hotspot miners have a lower potential earnings potential because they can only participate in Proof-of-Coverage and issue Challenges via the internet.

Different kinds of helium miners

In today’s world, there are numerous helium miners, and we are going to investigate each one in further depth. Your mining experience will be much improved if you invest in a reliable Helium miner. Let’s not waste any more time and jump right into an in-depth discussion of each of them.

Miner Bobcat Hotspot’s Bobcat

In comparison to the other models, the Bobcat hotspot miner features the most powerful 4dBi antenna and the best Point of Contact (PoC). Additionally, compared to other miners, this one brings in more HNT. Because of the strength of its signal, you will be able to communicate with other eyewitnesses or adjacent hotspots that are located more than 10 miles away. In addition, the storage capacity of the Bobcat hotspot miner is a whopping 64 gigabytes.

Nebra hotspot miner

An further extraordinary miner that can mine HNT is the Nebra hotspot miner. In addition, Nebra hotspot miners are available in both an indoor and an outdoor configuration.

Difference between the indoor and outdoor Nebra hotspot miners

The Nebra outdoor hotspot miner is equipped with a greater number of features than its indoor counterpart. You should not be concerned about the outdoor miner’s ability to work correctly regardless of where you put it in your environment because it can be placed anyplace. The outdoor miner comes equipped with a fiber-glass antenna that has a gain of 3 dBi. In addition to this, the indoor miner is equipped with a plastic antenna rated at 3 dBi and is constructed from.

In addition, there is a disparity in terms of cost between the two mines. Consider utilizing a mini-card with 4G coverage in order to provide your outdoor Nebra hotspot miner with 4G internet connectivity. This eliminates the need for an Ethernet cable, which is necessary if you wish to use an outside miner but there is no Ethernet connection available.

Rakewireless hotspot miner

Rakewireless is the helium hotspot miner with the smallest storage area and antenna with 2.8 dBi, which is the lowest of all miners (32GB). Because of its low dBi antenna, not only is this miner more affordable for you, but it also generates sufficient income for you when you use it to mine. Take note that antennas with a higher dBi rating aren’t necessarily the best option in every situation. As a result, it would be beneficial for you to consider purchasing an antenna that is tailored to your topography and the distance that separates you from other hotspots in the area.

Where exactly are you going to place that miner?

If you have an indoor miner, you should position it so that it faces the tallest window in your house that you can access. In order to prevent the signal from being disrupted, it is essential to remove any metal mesh that may be attached to the window.

In general, height is quite important to consider while selecting a location for your miner. The stronger the signal that a miner receives, the higher it must be located. Ensure you don’t put your miner near metal, electronics, or concrete. Nevertheless, if there is only one suitable high window in your house, then it will be perfect for your miner if it is located there.

Calculator for profits from helium hotspots

The Helium Mining Earning Calculator will provide you with an accurate estimation of the amount of HNT that can be generated by your hotspot. In addition to this, it is dependent on the number of neighboring hotspots that are already operational in the area where you wish to install the hotspot. It also is contingent on the present state of the Helium network as well as the distribution of HNT rewards.

Keeping your HNT token in storage

There are a lot of cryptocurrency exchanges available today, and despite the fact that most of them have high levels of security and protection, there have still been instances of theft and hacking. If you keep your cryptocurrencies in an exchange, your digital assets will be held in the exchange’s wallet. In the event that something were to happen to your digital wallet, you would no longer have control over your money.

Because of this, using a hardware wallet is the recommended method for storing your HNT coins. A hardware wallet will provide you with a security phrase of 12 to 24 words. This wallet can be accessed only by the person who is in possession of this phrase.

The Ledger Nano S is an example of a hard wallet that you may use to hold your HNT coins. You will be able to store HNT coins in addition to a variety of other cryptocurrencies using this ultra-secure hardware wallet.

Consequently, you want to acquire a Ledger Nano S if you have the intention of keeping HNT coin for an extended period of time. You should never take screenshots of your security phase or upload them anywhere on the internet. Instead, jot down your security phase on a piece of paper and keep it stashed away in a secure location.

Selling HNT for dollars

There are certain exchanges that do not support HNT. Coinbase is an example of an exchange that is not beneficial to HNT. You can purchase or sell HNT on renowned exchanges like Binance, Binance US, and, as was mentioned earlier in this section.

Therefore, in order to sell your HNT tokens, you must first transfer them from your Helium wallet to your wallet on Binance or, and then sell them for dollars. During this transfer, you will probably be responsible for paying a few costs.


Helium is one of those technologies that has a wide range of potentially useful applications. The fact that we now have a blockchain platform for application development is quite exciting. By utilizing Helium hotspots, everyone of us has the opportunity to build our own unique network while also collecting passive money. We hope that by reading this essay, you have gained a better understanding of the processes involved in helium mining. And if you are interested in giving it a shot, why not get started right away while you are earning an income that is passive?


Can someone utilize my hotspot miner?

Each and every Helium miner has a robust encryption. Once you have installed your miner and registered the device, nobody else will be able to use it save yourself. You will not be able to reset your miner if it is taken from you. In addition, in order to access your HNT wallet, your hotspot miner provides you with a 12-word security phrase.

How can I increase the amount of money I make from mining?

There are a variety of approaches you can use to achieve the most possible profit. To accomplish this, make sure that our hotspot is constantly available and has a decent internet connection, select the antenna based on your environment and other hotspots in the area, and avoid crowding it to the point where it becomes unusable.

What are the steps involved in putting together an outside helium miner?

The installation of outdoor miners is a pretty straightforward process. Nebra The outdoor miner is compatible with PoE. (Power Over Ethernet). Because of this, the use of an Ethernet cable is recommended as the method of installation. After positioning your hotspot in an advantageous location, simply connect the Ethernet connection.

Is the mining of HNT a venture that has no inherent risks?

No, not. Helium is a new firm, and depending on how things go, it might become the next big thing or it might not. It currently competes with a number of other well-established communications businesses in the market.

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