Introducing “Dual Assets”: Stake and Earn with Ease

Dual Assets

YouHodler is pleased to announce the launch of a new yield-generation product as part of our ongoing efforts to reduce the gap that exists between conventional banking and cryptocurrencies. The term “Dual Assets” refers to a hybrid financial technology that brings together the high-yield generation tactics of decentralized finance (Defi) and the ease of use of traditional FinTech platforms. The end result is a wealth management product that is accessible to everyone, is simple to use, and can generate returns of up to 365%.

What exactly is meant by the term “dual assets,” and how does it operate?

Dual Assets include combining two assets, one of which is a cryptocurrency asset and the other of which is a stablecoin, as the name suggests. Because of this, both the user and the market have the opportunity to increase their returns by estimating how an asset’s value will increase in the future. This product is suitable for crypto investors who want to effectively control their risk while generating more yield than is possible with standard “hodling” strategies.

In a nutshell, the mechanisms that underpin Dual Asset can be broken down into three primary components. Let’s look at an example to learn how it operates. For the purpose of this exercise, let’s assume that the price of Ethereum (ETH) in terms of the ETH/USDT pair is 1,500 USD.

Step 1:  select the ETH/USDT pair from the assets list on your trading platform.

Step 2: Launch a stake with an initial input coin value of 1 ETH (or 1,500 USDT).

Step 3: Pick a plan, such as “1 day for 365% APR,” and then click the Start button.

After considering the beginning price and the length of the contract, YouHodler arbitrates the range of the annualized yield in ETH. When the time allotted for your plan has passed, the settlement price will be evaluated in relation to the starting price. Depending on the answer to this question, you will either be paid back in ETH or USDT.

• You receive a return on your initial investment in addition to the additional yield paid in USDT generated during the duration of your plan if ETH settles at a price higher than the initial price at the end of the duration.

• On the other hand, if ETH settles at a price lower than the initial price, you receive a return on your initial investment in addition to the additional yield generated on ETH during the duration of your plan. Although it could appear to be a loss to be paid in a currency that has just experienced a drop in value, this might very well turn out to be lucrative in the long run if and when ETH’s value begins to climb again.

Extra hint: increase the maximum amount you can save by utilizing dual assets.

When you open a Dual Asset deal, the maximum amount of money that can be saved in your wallet immediately increases for a period of one week. If you withdraw $10,000 out of your savings to utilize with the Dual function, for instance, your limit on how much you can save will increase not once, but twice. Your limit on savings will be increased by an additional $10,000 at the beginning of the offer, then another $10,000 at the end of the deal; this increase, which will last for one week, will take effect immediately. After that, the limit on the amount that can be saved will revert to its initial value.

Dual Assets as opposed to more traditional “Hodling” strategies

Multiple advantages make dual asset management preferable to more traditional “hodling” investment strategies. The following describe each of these:

1. Putting your crypto into “active” mode allows you to use it.

You won’t receive any return on your cryptocurrency holdings if you keep them in a hardware wallet; the only gain you’ll see is from the asset’s inherent appreciation in value over time. When you “activate” your cryptocurrency holdings on YouHodler, you not only benefit from the natural price growth of the asset but also from the increased yield generated by our Dual Assets feature.

2. You are able to make money regardless of the state of the market.

If you are a HODLer, you will only make money during bull markets. Dual Assets, on the other hand, enables you to create a good yield despite whatever the market conditions may be. The only risk involved is that you will make a smaller profit if the price of your cryptocurrency experiences rapid growth while your Dual Assets contract is active. This is the only risk that is involved. Naturally, everything hinges on the manner in which you choose your linked pricing while the product is being created.

3. It is simple to operate.

There are a few hurdles that need to be cleared before one can achieve comparable yield percentages using DeFi protocols. For instance, you need to create a Metamask wallet, remember your seed phrase, buy your cryptocurrency on another exchange, deposit that cryptocurrency to Metamask, connect your Metamask wallet to a liquidity pool or DeFi protocol, and then verify that you did not make any mistakes during the process before you can begin generating yield. You only need to deposit cryptocurrency into one of your YouHodler wallets and then open a deal utilizing our Dual Assets feature in order to take use of YouHodler’s Dual Assets. It’s as easy as that, and the returns are about the same. It’s similar to DeFi, but easier to use and quicker.

4. Dual Assets carries a lower level of risk compared to DeFi platforms

When you make a deposit of your assets into a DeFi protocol for the purpose of yield creation, you are placing a significant level of faith in an organization that is frequently conducted in secret. It’s true that these protocols will frequently guarantee you yields in the double- or even triple-digit range, but the fact that these DeFi systems suffer from a lack of trust and security is cause for concern.

5. It is now possible for anyone to gain access to traditional goods for asset management

The traditional wealth management products that were available in the “old world” of finance served as an inspiration for Dual Asset. Now, we are making it available to users of cryptocurrencies everywhere so that you can take advantage of yield production tactics that were previously only accessible to a limited percentage of individuals.

6. Customers are able to take advantage of flexibility and risk management

Customers have greater leeway to invest in their cryptocurrency of choice and may more effectively control risk as a result of the short duration periods, which range from one to three days.

Questions about Dual Assets that are Frequently Asked

The new product is called Dual Asset. As a result, it will have brand new questions. We have done all in our power to provide answers to what we anticipate will be the questions that are asked the most frequently. However, if you have any more questions that aren’t answered below, feel free to contact either our Help Desk or our Customer Success Team. They would be happy to assist you.

What are the potential drawbacks of utilizing dual assets?

A: Dual Assets is a solution that benefits both parties. You will receive a return on your initial investment in addition to a yield of some kind regardless of whether the price of the assets you choose to invest in is higher or lower than the linked price. Therefore, the risk that is entailed does not pertain to a loss of generation. Instead, it’s about making a profit that’s lower than the most that could have been made. For instance, when you link a price at a higher level, the returns you receive will be more conservative. A lower-linked price will carry a higher level of risk but will result in a larger return. In addition, the longer the duration of your position, the higher the risk associated with it is because there is a bigger possibility that something undesirable will occur in relation to your position.

How is it that YouHodler is able to provide such significant returns?

A: The interest rates are not nearly as high as many think they are. When you split the annual yield, you will see that the numbers are rather typical. Additionally, cryptocurrency prices continue to be quite volatile on a regular basis. Because of the volatility of the market and the high amount of transactions generated by YouHodler’s exchange operations, we are able to offer you these rates while still preserving an adequate level of liquidity. When there is increased volatility in the market, there is a greater volume of trades taking place on our exchange. Therefore, the greater the yield that we are able to provide for you. Lastly, during the course of the contract, we will not provide variable yield rates. For the sake of added sustainability, rates are consistent throughout the entire process.

How can the Dual Assets rates be maintained in the long run?

A: The percentage of the total profit is determined by the original linked price. Because the original linked price will not change, we are able to give a yield that is both assured and sustainable based on this initial linked price. It is important to keep in mind that the profit is assured, but the exact amount will be determined by a number of different circumstances, such as the volatility of the market, the linked price that is set, and the length of the contract.

Is it risky to make use of Dual Assets?

A: No, in contrast to certain other platforms that may use client assets to participate in external staking pools or engage in risky leverage strategies, all of a client’s funds are kept on YouHodler at all times. We never utilize your funds for staking or leverage. Simply put, we carry out the terms of individual clients’ requests on a deal-by-deal basis. In addition, your money is never kept in Dual Assets for a period of time that is longer than the term duration (1-5 days). After that, you will have complete flexibility to leave at any time you choose. In conclusion, all of the features on YouHodler are protected by our industry-leading security protocols. Our internal security team puts forth a lot of effort to make sure that our customers have access to cutting-edge security features such as two-factor authentication, three-factor authentication, biometric security, and many more. In addition to this, we have outside teams do routine audits of our platform to guarantee that any vulnerabilities that are discovered are immediately addressed and addressed.

When will Dual Assets be made available to purchase?

A: At this very moment! Simply click the button below to either login in to your existing YouHodler account or to start a new one today.

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